Do we Post our True Feelings on Social Media Rather than Sharing Them with our Loved Ones?

I got sent this article by my supervisor, I’ve attached it but to summarise it’s about using what we post on social media such as Facebook (snapchat, twitter..) should be used to judge our mental health. Anyone who uses social media, I’m sure you’ve had a good experience and posted it on social media or had a bad experience and still posted it on social media 😂 (I know I’ve done it). It seems like we are more comfortable with expressing feels through a social media rather than talking to people, maybe because it’s easier rather than getting an immediate reaction and response of you told someone. However, would you want, say an email, telling you they think you’ve got a mental health issue such as a split personality just by the way you’ve typed your status? 🤔

This picture was posted to snapchat (social media platform) by a friend after a talk about future careeer plans. After the talk she felt confused about what to do after and even a bit overwhelmed. Using emojis she was able to express her feelings in few words rather than actually explaining it. Maybe it is easier to know how people feel by their social media.

9 thoughts on “Do we Post our True Feelings on Social Media Rather than Sharing Them with our Loved Ones?

  1. I think this is a super interesting outlook on the correlation between health and social media. I know I can almost always tell if there’s something wrong with friends/family via their social media posts. Social media has become the go to place to capture moments in ones life – good and bad. I don’t know if its a bit far fetched to say you can ascertain the state of someones mental health through social media, but you can in a lot of cases tell if someones in a bad mood.

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    1. That’s a good point, I normally find out how someone is feeling when I see a sad snapchat 😂 it could be far fetched but if you monitored it for a period of time, maybe 6 weeks, I’m sure you could create a profile on someone’s personality


  2. True, but then again the beauty of social media is that you can post what you want people to see. If you were to judge some people on their social media accounts you would think they live a perfect lifestyle


  3. I think that in this day and age, technology plays a big part in our life’s. So it may not be something people realise they’re doing by turning to social media. It could be referred to as a norm! For instance posting how you feel, it’s much easier and you could be looking for a reaction from others, as everyone is always watching one another. It could also be living in the moment cause I know I do it and delete it a few minutes later as I don’t want people to judge me due to coming across emotionally unstable lol. I guess it’s just become life as we know it.


  4. I’m not usually the person to let people know how I’m feeling, however, I do find it easier to post my feelings on my social media. It has become a habit of mine to occasionally turn straight towards my social media to vent.

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  5. It’s not something that I always do, but I think it’s because you don’t get an immediate response – someone has to see it in order for them to reach out and see what’s wrong. I prefer that to an immediate response.


  6. This must be one for the youngsters, because at my ripe old age I can’t even imagine me or any of my similar-aged friends doing this.

    Back in the dim and distant pre-internet days, people used to just keep an Adrian Mole style private diary locked-up in their bedroom for their deep emotional outpourings! Now is it really the norm to inform the world about your manic dark depression or suicidal thoughts via Snapchat or Facebook?

    Very odd.

    The use of social media forensic investigative tools is steadily increasing – so young folks don’t be surprised in a few years time when you apply for that dream job and the CV-screening analysis tool detects multiple occurrences of the word ‘depression’ in your 2016 tweets… application denied!


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