Major Events are Making us Lose Sleep

We’ve all been listening to the news recently that Donald Trump has been elected as the President of USA 🤔. During the presidential debate, data from 10 million Fitbit devices showed that users had less sleep on that election Tuesday compared to the previous Two Tuesday nights. Interesting?

Users in Eastern time zones lost sleep over the debates but other states lost sleep even though the debate had ended hours before, this suggests that the resulting sleep loss could be due to stress or anxiety.

A similar trend was found the night of the Super Bowl in February where Fitbit users had a reduced sleeping time. Probably because it was so good!

Reduced sleep is not the biggest concern, but the causative due to higher levels of stress or anxiety causing the loss of sleep. This has an impact on people’s lives and many are not even aware.

On the Tuesday of the elections, even before the votes were counted, number of calls to suicide hotlines in the USA were 2.5 times more than average.

Wearable technology such as Fitbits can be used to detect when a user is under high stress or anxiety through their changing and abnormal sleeping patterns. The Fitbit is connected to a smartphone which can give recommendations and suggestions when to seek professional help. With a heart rate monitor, this could aid with seeing if someone is suffering from high blood pressure. This small prompt could be a difference in saving someone’s life.

Who uses a Fitbit? How do you find it? Does it actually work?

One thought on “Major Events are Making us Lose Sleep

  1. Fit Bit……..
    Fit Bit are a bit of a con! it counts your steps merely by the movement of your wrist. You’ll find is you simply swing the device it’ll quite neatly clock up the ‘steps’ it thinks you’ve taken,
    As for the ‘Sleep’ function, again you’re getting ‘bumped’ so to speak.
    Take off your Fit Bit and it’ll automatically go into youe ‘sleep mode’. Finally, can someone tell me HOW a wrist wearing device can tell when you are in REM sleep mode!!!

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