Students: Is Uni Giving you Bad Posture?

I’m sure everyone at uni knows the long hours you spend hunched over at a computer, doing multiple assignments due all on the same day 😭

For the long periods of time, your back is not support your posture gets worse. You up getting chronic back pain, going to the doctors to get pain relief medication and get referred to a physio.

Posture is very important and bad posture  will affect your long term spine health, it can also make a big difference in body language.

This article has come up with a device called a LumoLift which improve your bad sitting habits, sort of like a posture coach.

The device is small and can fit on the bra (for the ladies 👸🏾)  and monitors your usual position. It connects to your smartphone, and the software will track your posture data. Anytime it notices bad posture, it will give you a little vibration, to notify you to sit up straight 🚶🏾‍♀️ EASY AS THAT!

Wearable Technology – Lift your posture

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