Doctors Teach Valuable Life Skills

Hope Everyone had a nice relaxing Christmas break and enjoying the New Year! – soon back to reality 😉

I’ve embedded a clip from This Morning, where a doctor is demonstrating what to do in the event that your child is chocking. With the accesibility of smart devices, in the case that  you do not know what to do, you could google it and find the answer, but I’m sure you would be in a panic over the child so the last thing on your mind would be to look at your phone.

Dr Ranj physically demonstrates what to do to clear a child’s airway of foreign objects, and this was shown on live TV when parents are most likely to be getting ready for work. It was also put on YouTube for further viewing.

This segment was initiated by an increase in deaths of children coming into hospital, by chocking on foreign objects. Just a week after this went live, a women saved her child by using this technique. This is a great benefit to both parents and health care because parents can be assured and remain calm if they come into this situation and will therefore reduce the amount the children that arrive in A&E chocking. This reduces the strain at on the NHS. This just shows the need for GPs for education of key skills by providing preventative care in the aim to reduce morbidity and mortality.

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