FitBit Charge 2 Trial: 17th -24th Jan

So over this last week I got myself a FitBit  charge 2 – monitoring my heart rate, steps, calories, sleep … I kept my lifestyle the exact same as usual. Going to and from lectures, the library, work.. had a night out – nothing out of the ordinary. But I used the Fitbit to be more aware of my health, and the affect of the activities on my body.

I made a vlog of the week just to show, that I literally just did my day to day routine, no extreme exercises or  special foods. One negative though, when I was wearing it to sleep to monitor my sleep it did star to irritate my wrist watch ⌚️😣

Below I’ve pasted in my dashboard from the Fitbit app/website which is really easy to use and monitor.

My daily steps **side note: Sunday’s results are negligible because I put it to charge for the day
Heart Rate: Tuesday was high because I got nervous for my presentation and Thursday was high because I had an essay deadline that I was scared about missing it
Floors climbed: Tuesday is high because I was on campus walking up and down to lecture halls and the library. Friday and Saturday are lower, because I work all on ground level didn’t need to go up stairs except at home.
Calories: This was probably the one I disliked the most, I didn’t really enjoy counting my calories and foods that I was eating I didn’t know the serving size so it was difficult to estimate. However I did like that it calculates how many calories you’ve burnt based on the activity it monitored.

Using a wearable demonstrates the ease of incorporating a ubiquitous monitoring device into daily routing to become more self-aware of your health. Physical activity monitors such as Fitbit, should used as a measure of health but to aid in medical decisions it must be first verified. Questions have been raised about the costs of wearables and who will be responsible for purchasing the devices…


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