Did You Know that You Carry a Powerful Medical Research Tool… Everyday?

Apple have launch platforms aimed at medical research and health management. ResearchKit and CareKit change the way users interact with their iPhones and subsequently changing their views on their health. ResearchKit posses the software for medical researchers to gather real-time healthcare data of participants, on a LARGE scale. CareKit is aimed at healthcare app developers to give users the ability to better understand and manage medical conditions.

If you own an iPhone, open up the Health App and you will find that the app has recorded how many steps you’ve taken, how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed and what that distant equates to – the iPhone did that without you doing too much work – Amazing!

Apple want to use these devices that are already well and truly integrated into our lives, to help researchers understand conditions to allow the production of more effective treatment and gives users control to monitor their own health and well being.

In 2015, the University of Rochester launch an app using ResearchKit called mPower, to gather data about Parkinson’s disease. Since the launch, the app has enrolled over 10,000 participants, currently making it the largest study of Parkinson’s ever! – Impressive, and it was easy. Users download the app and MUST GIVE CONSENT to choose to share the data, which researchers use to gain a better understanding of the disease, straight from those who have been diagnosed with the condition. The app uses the iPhone’s built-in features such as the gyroscope to meausre balance, gait and memory. The data can be view, very nicely presented, on the mPower website (as demonstarted by the inserted picture).

The app helps researchers why people suffering from Parkinsons,display different symptoms and why individual’s side effects vary over time. It collects all this information using surveys and in-built sensors, and scientists analyse the data.

It is brilliant, because it reduces the costs of traditionally clinical trials and allows people to take part without causing disruption to their life. The app also allows a vast amount of participants, from all walks of life which gives a clearer representation of the global population.

Personally, I think its a fantastic platform.

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