What Happens at the Doctors Stays at the Doctors…

This video taken from GPs Behind Closed Doors on Channel 5 – it illustrates the role the GPs play within the community. It’s very interesting to see the impact they play and gives you some good hints and tips on how to get the most out of your visit to the GP surgery…

GPs listen to you explain your symptoms and use that to prescribe the best treatment. They can help to reassure you of the problems and give advice on what to do next. They provide after care if necessary and can give suggests on how to better your lifestyle to avoid further health risks.

I think the most important factor about going to the doctors – is to be honest! The GP is not there to judge you, they are there for support and to provide the best possible care. GP see many, many patients a week with all types of problems from disgusting ones to embarrassing ones. They provide the hands on care that the internet or wearables cannot provide.

REMEMBER your next doctors appointment, be open and honest, GPs have your best interest at heart – what happens at the doctors, stays at the doctors…

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