“The Robot will see you now”

Currently in China, robots have taken over the jobs of workers such as those in food and clothing manufacturing. With the ageing population and immense pressure on healthcare services, researchers are looking towards robots robots to replace doctors.

At the moment, robots are involved in surgical procedures for help in complex procedures to perform small movements bu surgeons are still in charge.

Robots can use a computerised systems to calculated dosage based on a persons symptoms and inserted knowledge of the illness, but a doctor is required to verify the diagnosis. It is the idea of the ‘human-touch’ that robots cannot replace. Human doctors can calculate the risks of a treatment or decision that a robot cannot, as demonstrated on the below YouTube video from iRobot (2004). Because the robot is programmed to make decisions using logic, the robot decided to save Will Smith’s character rather than the young girl because the young girl only had 11% survival chance – was this the correct choice? would a human doctor have chosen differently?

The emotion shown by Will Smith’s character is a result of robots not being able to have the psychological and emotional thinking/support that a human doctor would have.

Artificial intelligence is currently studying the possibility of robots understanding human emotions. We have to identify the difference. Robots can READ emotion but they cannot UNDERSTAND emotion – get it? For instance they can understand when a person is sad or happy because of several factors but they don’t actually understand it because they can’t ‘feel’ the emotion.

However there has been an a new wave of something called ‘deep learning’. In which the robot can learn to identify emotion using perspectives such as facial recognition, using a database made of artificial neurons. The problem is, there are always oddities that do not fit the standard that the robot may not be able to pick up on. Especially since one disease/illness can affect different people in many different ways.

For now human doctors are best…

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