A Day Without the Internet?… OMG!

Wearables and healthcare apps work by going through a central database – all because of the internet. Let’s just say the internet stopped working for just one day how would that effect the world. With current lifestyles, people have allowed technology to infiltrate their lifestyles to complete even menial tasks. Cyber attacks are completely possible and could but the network in jeopardy.

For example.. if there were no such thing as GP visits and everything we needed in regards to healthcare we had to get from a wearable or healthcare app but the internet went down… emergencies can happen at any time so doctors give the reliability of being available at all times. I’m sure all of us have been in an area where the signal has been poor and you cannot access the internet. This would be a disaster if we only relied on technology for all our healthcare needs.

Some countries have switches to turn off the internet to protect the country from protests or cyber attacks. But who will decided whether protecting the country from attack or allowing people the access to healthcare over the internet is more important..

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